Your Business’s Top Advertising Agency is Determined by the Metrics You Measure

Many advertisers want to find the best agency to promote their brand. But what is the definition of a top-ranking advertising agency? How can you choose the best agency to work with your brand or company? Visit our website and learn more about ott advertising.

The obvious answer is that top agencies are those with the highest industry profile. But what does this really mean? Which one wins the most advertising prizes? Or the one with more effectiveness awards? Or the one who wins the most business awards?

The truth is that advertising agencies are best for advertiser based on which criteria they choose. The criteria chosen will depend on the company’s strategic needs.

This may sound obvious, but it is often overlooked during the selection process of an advertising agency.

We’ve seen agencies selected solely based upon their industry reputation and profiles. Although it may seem like a good starting place, this often doesn’t deliver the expected results due to misalignment of agency with the strategic goals of the advertiser.

The reason is clear when you examine how the industry defines a top agency. This is different from how you may define an agency that meets strategic requirements.

It is the trade magazines that cover the market that are the most important in establishing agencies’ reputations. Trade publications report on the following stories: business wins and loss, new campaign launches and creative awards, effectiveness award and senior appointments.

The most informative topic is the one involving senior appointments. This is because all the other topics are dependent on the quality or depth of the relationship between an advertiser and agency.

An advertising agency that has a reputation for producing outstanding work is often a mistake. This leads to advertisers making a big mistake. Advertising agency engagement and the advertiser are the main reasons.

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