Carpet Cleaning Basics

Perhaps the most difficult chore in a home is cleaning the floor carpeting. Carpet cleaning doesn’t just involve vacuuming and removing any dirt or debris stuck to the carpet fiber. It involves making the right choice between different carpet shampoos and deciding whether you should hire someone to clean your carpet.

Carpet shampoo type is often the first thing that you need to think about when cleaning your carpets. There are two types: dry and liquid carpet shampoos. It is up to you to decide which one suits your needs. A plush, new carpet needs dry shampoos for rug care. This preserves its thick fibers. Liquid shampoos can clean old, grimy, and lumpy carpets.

A professional can clean your carpets for you, especially if they are wall to wall. Though professional carpet cleaning might be costly, they don’t have to take as long to clean and can choose the right shampoo for your carpet. You can request a certain scent to suit your needs or a hypoallergenic product for carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners are also able to use alternatives to conventional cleaning products. They will often use natural products that are not only safe for your family but also safe and effective for the environment.

To save money on carpet cleaning, you can do it yourself. These tips will help.

1. Save time and energy by planning ahead. To clean your carpets, prepare one bucket of cleaning material.

2. Before you use carpet cleaners, ensure that you have read the instructions. Follow all instructions and do not mix products.

3. Make sure to remove any furniture or other items that could damage the carpet. As you clean up the carpet, warn your family.

4. To remove dirt and debris from the carpet fibers first, vacuum it.

5. Start cleaning the floor closest to the entrance. If you’re using liquid carpet cleaner shampoo, you should prepare the vacuum for use as soon as the room is finished. Vacuum quickly and then dry well.

6. Carpet stains happen all the time so be patient when cleaning. Although you might have to use a different cleaning product to remove grime from carpets, vinegar or baking powder paste is a great alternative. Put equal parts vinegar to water in a spray can. This will soak the stain.

7. Clean the carpet thoroughly and allow it to dry before you move the furniture.

Carpet cleaning can be quick and simple if all of the preparations are made in advance. If you prefer to hire a professional to clean your carpets, you can browse the Yellow Pages and find high quality carpet cleaning services in your neighborhood.
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